Classic Gray Herringbone Lambswool / Organic Cotton Heirloom Blanket

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Transparent Sourcing

We know the source of all our fibers.

We are celebrating the value of creating a blanket in the traditional turn of the century weaving style. Our lambswool is spun and dyed at R Gledhill’s 1777 mill in Yorkshire, our unbleached organic cotton warp threads are ring-spun for  a softer, more durable yarn and sourced from the Texas Organic Cotton Farmers Cooperative.  We weave our blankets on antique Dobcross Looms and hand finish them at our textile mill tucked into the woods in Roberts Creek, BC.

Beautiful, warm and soft 21.5 micron English lambswool weft with Organic ring-spun North American cotton warp in unbleached natural cotton.

  • Crafted on antique Dobcross looms
  • Organic unbleached cotton
  • Responsibly dyed without pollution
  • Zero waste 
  • In house finishing


Blanket Care

This blanket is made of ring-spun cotton warp and lambswool weft. Both are plaited three times making them stronger and more dense.  These can be dry cleaned or hand washed in a gentle soap and cool water and hung to dry.  Press using an iron on a cooler, wool setting.