Derby Grey weft on Ivory/Earl Grey warp Twill Extra Fine Australian Geelong Lambswool

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This is the finest fiber woven on these looms and proved a challenge fulling (finishing) from the loom. The fiber easily felts due to its fineness.  The fibers are only 15 microns (most commercial cashmere averages higher than this).  It is not a straight fiber like the fiber from goats like cashmere so will not pull apart over time as cashmere does making this a blanket that will last.  Because lambswool crimps, these blankets are a more dense textile, weighing more than most luxury blankets.  A beautiful heirloom and the finest blanket we have made with the signature Tuscan orange and Fern Lambswool thread at the side as a signature "tracer" used in European weaving houses to prove the origin of the textile.

153 cm  (60 in) W and 176 cm (69 in) L